Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cthulhu sketch

How the fuck is it that I made it to 27 years of age and had never fucking read H.P. Lovecraft? I've read many who were influenced by him and his ideas, like Junji Ito and Mike Mignola (and there is, of course, the 1982 movie, The Thing), so I guess I could say that Lovecraft has inspired me second-handedly for years. But, holy shit, is there nothing quite like the original material. I found a website that has a number of his works posted to read for free and tore through "The Call of Cthulhu" and "At The Mountains of Madness" (the latter being my favorite of anything of his I've read thus far), and not wanting to have to read off a computer screen anymore, I spent a Barnes and Noble gift card on three of the Del Rey collections of his work. I re-read "Cthulhu" this morning and started into "The Dunwich Horror" right after. Words cannot express. So, here is a ballpoint sketch I did of Cthulhu. There's quite a bit in all of his work that I would love exploring visually. Especially since I have yet to find much of any kind of really proper translation of his work to film or comics.