Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silent Hill piece - "Sato and the Well"

I loved doing this piece while at the same time it made me want to cut my fucking throat. I'm still not able to make Photoshop painting do exactly what I want it to, but I'm enjoying learining the process and getting closer to being confident with this medium. Regardless of how explicitly close this piece came to what I had planned, I am immensely pleased with and proud of the finished result.

When you see something red and fleshy and gross, that should tell you that total awesomeness will soon be upon you. Words to live by.... And that is the end of that.

As for some behind the scenes work:

This is the original concept sketch for what I began referring to as "the Tumor Fountain."

This is a second sketch I did of the "Tumor Fountain" (actually on Election Day) to begin playing around with the process of coloring raw, uninked pencil drawings:

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